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A BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER rewatch podcast. A fangirl and a newbie work their way through the Buffyverse one episode at a time.

Ep. 17 - “I Only Have Eyes For You” / “Go Fish”

June 30, 2017

"'Something weird is going on.' Isn't that our school motto?"

This week, our Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch takes us to the nineteenth and twentieth episodes of season 2!

In "I Only Have Eyes For You," it's time for the Sadie Hawkins dance. Unfortunately, Sunnydale High is being haunted by the ghosts of a former teacher and student who reenact their forbidden romance through the bodies of current students and faculty.

Then, in "Go Fish," Xander goes undercover and joins the swim team to investigate the recent deaths of several team members who appear to have been skinned alive.

Thanks for joining us! Next week, we wrap up season 2!

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