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A BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER rewatch podcast. A fangirl and a newbie work their way through the Buffyverse one episode at a time.

April 27, 2017

Ep. 8 - “When She Was Bad” / “Some Assembly Required”

"Love makes you do the wacky."

This week on Meet Me At The Bronze, we're entering season two of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with the first two episodes of the season, "When She Was Bad" and "Some Assembly Required!"

And we welcome special guest Gary Horne back to the show to join in on the discussion!

In "When She Was Bad," Buffy and the gang deal with the fallout of their encounter with The Master at the end of the last season, and in "Some Assembly Required," our Scoobies have to handle a couple of science nerds who've decided to build the perfect woman using parts from dead cheerleaders, and one particular live cheerleader that we're all pretty fond of. 

Come on back next week as we continue our season two rewatch with the third and fourth episodes of the season: "School Hard" and "Inca Mummy Girl."

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April 21, 2017

Ep. 7 - “Prophecy Girl”

"We saved the world. I say we party."

We made it, gang! Season 1 is in the bag. This week, we welcome Gary Horne back to the show to take a look at the season one finale, "Prophecy Girl!"

All season long, we've been building up to a confrontation with The Master, and now the time is finally here! How will Buffy fare against her biggest foe and what does the prophecy from the Pergamum Codex mean for our Slayer?

We also take this opportunity to look back at the whole of season one, talk about our favorite (and least favorite) moments and look ahead to what we hope to see in season two.

And we won't have to wait long to find out! Next week, we're bringing Gary back to join us in beginning season two with the first two episodes, "When She Was Bad" and "Some Assembly Required!"

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April 13, 2017

Ep. 6 - “Nightmares” / “Out of Mind, Out of Sight”

"I'm not worried. If there's something bad out there, we'll find, you'll slay, we'll party."

Season one is winding down! This week, we continue our BUFFY rewatch with season one episodes ten and eleven, "Nightmares" and "Out of Mind, Out of Sight!"

With "Nightmares," we get to learn a little bit more about each of the Scoobies by delving into their deepest, darkest fears (we also get a little bit of The Master, who is still hanging out in his underground lair, biding his time) and in "Out of Mind, Out of Sight," we get a little bit more dimension from Cordelia's character, for whom there might be more than meets the eye...

All of this, plus some clues as to where the story is headed next week as season one wraps up with "Prophecy Girl!"

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April 7, 2017

Ep. 5 - “I Robot, You Jane” / “The Puppet Show”

"I know Principal Flutie would have said, 'Kids need understanding. Kids are human beings.' That's the kind of wooly-headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten."

Well, it's a rough week around here at Meet Me At The Bronze. This week, Bunny and Justin are taking a look at season one episodes eight and nine, "I Robot, You Jane" and "The Puppet Show."

What's the best way to follow up a season high like "Angel"? Naturally, with an episode filled with dated circa 1997 tech peak that tells the tale of an internet demon who becomes Willow's online boyfriend, and an episode about... well... a horny, living ventriloquist doll.

Also in this episode: Bunny refuses to believe that she's seen The Usual Suspects and Justin reveals what the subject of his first website was (and it ain't pretty).

Join us again next week as our hosts continue their Buffy The Vampire Slayer 20th Anniversary rewatch with season one's penultimate episodes "Nightmares" and "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"!

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